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Brochure - Department of Law, Politics and International Studies

The Course of study in Political Science and International Relations aims to train graduates with solid and articulated professional skills, interested in a multidisciplinary education, providing the skills necessary to access the areas of work that require a strong dynamic aptitude.


The basic knowledge offered by the legal, economic, historical, political and sociological teachings serves to develop skills both in the specific fields of study and in relation to the national and international scenarios (starting with the European ones) of today's political reality.


The training, strictly multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, is oriented to the acquisition of the method, the notions and the critical tools necessary to understand, interpret and manage in their complexity the current problems, considered from an international perspective.

This training opens up job prospects in different fields, national and international, public and private, both in the non-profit world and in the for-profit world.


Among the many job opportunities, graduates in Political Science find work in national and multinational companies, in public administration, in international organizations, governmental and non-governmental. They work in the public, private and social economy sectors, in the offices of territorial bodies, in research bodies, in trade unions and in the system of social and cultural cooperation.